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The evolving threat landscape has finally met a cyber security platform it couldn’t penetrate!

PDQ Signature Systems, a multi-award winning technology solutions company, proudly offers PDQ SECURITY, a comprehensive, compliant, cost-effective cyber security platform that protects businesses of all sizes, sectors and verticals from today’s advanced cyber threats.

Whether fully managed or delivered as SaaS, our on-premises, cloud-based or hybrid unified cyber security platform safeguards your enterprise from all types of cyber crime.|

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PDQ Security Sophos SIEM

As a partner of Sophos, the world’s leading cyber-security company, we can offer what no one else can: an industry-acclaimed, multi-award winning custom solution.

Our end-to-end approach encompasses seamless, synchronized next-gen network security and next-gen endpoint for seamless, unified protection.

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PDQ Security also encompasses security awareness and anti-phishing education to help protect your enterprise from the inside out…

And with comprehensive integrated vulnerability scanning and expert remediation, you’ll ensure compliance with policies that include PCI DSS and a host of others.

PDQ Vulnerability Scanning PCI

But that’s not all…

PDQ Security also comes with Unified Security Management via a ‘single pane of glass.’ 

With User and Entity Behavioral Analytics (UEBA), Network Traffic & Behavioral Analytics (NTBA), Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) and next-gen Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), the time and effort it takes to detect, respond, contain and neutralize cyber threats will be measurably reduced and simplified.

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Environment-wide, single-platform, best-in-class cyber protection with around-the-clock support–every minute of every day… That’s PDQ Security!

PDQ Security
PDQ Security
PCI DSS Level 1 Certified
PCI QIR Certified
Certified PCI Provider: Visa
Certified PCI Provider: MC

About Us

With Over 34 Years’ Experience in Comprehensive, Compliant & Cost-Effective Technology Solutions, PDQ Signature Systems Can Safeguard Your Business… Regardless of Size, Sector or Vertical

We are:
∗PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

∗PCI QIR Certified
∗Certified PCI Service Provider: Visa
∗Certified PCI Service Provider: MasterCard

From humble beginnings over 34 years ago as a business-to-business technology solutions provider, PDQ Signature Systems has experienced tremendous growth over the years in the areas of software development, call center operations and data center services, managed IT,  IT infrastructure and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

With the growing sophistication of cyber-attackers worldwide and the accruing complexity and cleverness of malware, viruses and other cyber threats, Signature Systems has laser focused its diverse skills set on providing full PCI compliance and comprehensive, next-gen data security packages for businesses both large and small, regardless of sector or vertical.

Our partnerships with industry-leading IT providers of data security hardware and software position us as a preeminent value-added supplier of holistic, enterprise-ready solutions for network, server and endpoint.

Delivered via our PDQ Security platform–which includes Unified Threat Management (much more than a firewall), comprehensive Unified Security Management (much more than a SIEM) and PCI compliance with remediation–our cyber-security package works seamlessly with your legacy environment.

We’re also dedicated to providing an exemplary level of comprehensive customer support: 24 x 7 x 365.


Contact us today at 877-968-6430 to learn how our suite of superior security products and services can help safeguard your enterprise from today’s evolving cyber threats.

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